Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fés tannery image wins prize in A&K Photo competition!

Abercrombie & Kent offer a very substantial prize for travel photos every year; this year a $20,000 trip to the Galapagos for two. I came "thaaat" close to winning - finishing up second. This is the image they picked:

Click on the image to launch a more immersive view. The image chosen as it happens was the same one that will appear in the Panobook 2010, the subject of a previous blog. Seems lots of people like this image!

Of course I am delighted to have have been chosen at all. I owe thanks to Rod Watkins to drawing my attention to the competition. Rod also finished up in the top ten finalists - as he had done last year. You can see his work and those of the other finalists here. Bravo!

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