Friday, December 16, 2011

World's fastest desktop computer...

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...for this week at least and that's for the specialised task of computing lots of digits of Pi.

My 6 year old computer died last week so a new rebuild was in order. Off the shelf components delivered a pretty fast box (Specs below for the geeks). So I thought I'd see just how fast.

The table shows that as of current date the rebuilt delivers the world record in terms of computing 1/2 and 1 billion digits of PI. I have no doubt it would also pick up the records for more digits of pi since its characteristics make it about 30% faster than previous generations of CPU's. But I neither want to sit around and have my compute tied up waiting for the results nor spend that much electricity on a rather pointless exercise.

But is is nothetheless amusing - and amazing that simply by putting together components from the most recently delivered generation of CPU architecture, you are suddenly significantly faster than anything else available. And that without significant overclocking (i.e. making the chips go faster than stock)

System spec for the ├╝bergeeks:
Intel i7 SNB-E 3930K 6 core (12 thread) CPU with max turbo set @ 4.2GHz, 32GB of Quad channel DDR3 RAM @ 2133MHz, System SSD 120 GB, Cache SSD 240GB - both SATA3, 550MB/S R/W, Adaptec RAID 5EE 6TB 220MB/S R/W

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