Thursday, January 12, 2012

Even more speed records...

Now fastest desktop on planet in calculating between 50 million and 5 billion digits of PI...

Surprisingly, the appearance in the "fastest PI calculation rankings" of other users of similar desktop computers to mine has not toppled it from the front rank. (Although the margin has reduced from a 40%+ lead to 1-2% leads...)

Indeed, running a couple of extra trials on longer digit runs has resulted in a bigger brace of records - again with very big performance margins over any other single processor desktop on the planet so it seems. Here's the performance table as of current date:

Digits of PI Fastest by:

50,000,000 1%

100,000,000 1%

250,000,000 1%

500,000,000 1%

1,000,000,000 2%

2,500,000,000 43%

5,000,000,000 57%

No doubt this cannot last for long. Though the last couple may take a while to go since most people don't have that much super fast memory in their machines (mine has 32GB), and that makes a huge difference. Indeed, the calculation algorithm takes up all the memory when doing the 5 billion digit calculation.

Needless to say, I actually find many more useful things to do with my computer than calculate PI. (You'll find many referred to on this blog and our other websites and newsletters.) But it's an interesting diversion.

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